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Jeremy Rand is a young man who works part time for Blackpine International. He is the younger brother of active member Cyra. When their parents died, she took him to Star City. He is a Cheerful young man (usually) and also has a power. When he turned 17 he boosted a car and got arrested, but the arresting officer was paid off from an anonymous source. This is where he first got the nickname boost and it stuck.

Alias Jeremy, Rand, Booster, Crim, Boost
Age 18
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Jeremy can manipulate energy. He is able to use it offensively, channeling his energy into powerful bolts through his hands. He can also use it defensively, protecting himself or others with energy shields. But by far the most useful part of his energy ability is Amplification. Jeremy is able to project his energy upon physical contact with another biological being in such a way that it, for lack of a better term, amplifies them. If they do not have any powers, they just get a lot of energy and good feelings. If they have a power, it is amplified to many times it's original strength. He is also able to use his ability to overload electronic devices without actually damaging the systems.


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