• MrQuest17

    Hi guys, MrQuest17 here, with my first blog on this wiki. Today I'll be talking about the possibilities that may lie within Season 3's plot and what I think will be in it, in accordance with the current timeline of the show. Anyway here we go:

    I think this season will mainly be based on the overarching theme of Apokoplypse and will pick up a few months after Invasion, it will involve the team discovering what the Light and Apokolypse' true motives are and will involve these particular plot points:

    • Supegirl's arrival and struggle: I think that one of the new heroes will be Supergirl, who will crash to earth half-way through the season and there will be a plot, with her causing a wedge inbetween Superman and Superboy, mentorwise.
    • Project SM: Pr…

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  • Hibridragon


    July 28, 2015 by Hibridragon

    Just a little something to reach the conclusion of my curiosity...are there any other registered users or any of the sort here? (And just here for the achievement XD) --Hibridragon (talk) 15:15, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Stunt Jae40

    I don't know if this blog has already been done since I'm knew here. I know we all would like to create our own super hero so I made this blog so we can do it( please follow format) 

    • Real Name 
    • Alias ( Hero Name ) 
    • Age
    • Family ( If they have in series family/no creation) 
    • Mentor ( If they have one/ no creation) 
    • Sidekick ( If they have one/no creation) 
    • Personality 
    • Some History/Data (Not a 5 page essay) 
    • Powers/Abilities
    • Nemesis (Someone Real & Why) 
    • Weakness 
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  • Arctic-batman


    August 30, 2014 by Arctic-batman

    It's all interesting how we got here now isn't it?

    I joined the Young Justice fandom ever since I saw re-runs playing on the t.v back in Australia about early last year.

    So, my question is, how did you guys join the YJ fandom? And why did you create an OC etc.?

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  • Awsometigeredshark12

    If you wanna join pls comment at the bottom

    Because if you join i will cooperate with you or others who join.

    if you're gonna add one pls report to us using comment here in the blog 

    If you're gonna add one let's add one who look like a cartoon like young justice it's still you're decision if anime or cartoons

    Adding a series is the hardest don't feel shy if you're gonna ask how to just say it also you could suggest on other member's story  but it's their decision to make.

    none at this moment 

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  • Awsometigeredshark12


    April 21, 2014 by Awsometigeredshark12

    Im making a series of fan fiction would you help me please my name is awsometigeredshark12 i wanna be friends that cooperate pls help me leave a message tnx :) 

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  • Dark 2185


    April 4, 2013 by Dark 2185

    Ok I know that timberwolf is not in the young justice series but would it be cool if he was. There are DC characters that i am a huge fan to and i thought of some NEW DC CHARACTERS that would kick butt in young justice or any  kind of DC series but when it comes to timberwolf i'm a huge fan. he has wolf abilities like a werewolf has but he doesn't have the thrist for blood and attack anybody when there's a full moon. All i'm just saying that he would be awsome in young justice and i you guy's would think so to. I 've even thought of a cool background for him. The Origin of TimberWolf

    Well thats my blog if you guys read this feel free to right your responce if you want to.

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  • VideoGameFan9012


    March 29, 2013 by VideoGameFan9012

    I started fanon-ing two days ago and I've been at work a lot to set my ground down. I just wanted to say that I'm here (you can probably guess 'cause I've been makin' a lot of edits) and I've got a series in progress and one coming up.

    See ya, VideoGameFan9012

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  • Immaturemonster


    January 8, 2013 by Immaturemonster

    Hi. My name is Asia. I'm 19 and I come from Poland so my english isn't very good. I understand what I read, but writing can be a problem for me. 

    I really like creating new characters and drawing them. That's why I created Ritsu. My drawings aren't really good and I want to improve it that's why I'm counting on your honest opinion and criticism. 

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  • Raktus

    So, I've recently seen the IRC RP used around here. I have to admit that while I would enjoy some Young Justice based RP, I am used to something with a bit more length and depth than what a chat room can provide. That said, I put a small amount of work down on setting up a forum to role play on. I wouldn't mind running it in much the same way as the IRC has been, even allowing for any converts to retain their current characters. Hop on over, show some interest and let's get some storylines going!

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    May 17, 2012 by JAYZICE

    Okay....I am a huge, I mean HUGE, Aqualad fangirl and I have to say that it broke my heart to find out that he turned evil... :( So sad. I mean I understand, losing the love of your life. Actually losing her twice, but WHY?!!!!!!! Out of everyone I would've expected Kaldur to be the most loyal to the team, no matter what. So....I guess what I'm saying is, I hope that he turns back to the good side. Although, he was pretty beast as a villain. Took down Superboy in two seconds... Oh, yeah!

    So feel free to voice your opinions on this subject if you want. I would love to hear what everyone else thought.

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  • Shade234

    Hi! Who else liked Invasion? I did! I thought it was a pretty good episode. I like Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle the best. Oh, and Nightwing too

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  • Paperluigi ttyd

    New to the Wiki

    April 25, 2012 by Paperluigi ttyd

    Hello. Before I begin I would like to introduce myself. My name is paperluigi ttyd, but you can call me Paper. I am a new user here, but I was asked to join after previously finding 2 other Young Justice Fanon Wikis. I'm here to create my series and help get this wiki going with a good, clean structure.

    Please take a moment to visit the Page Naming Guidelines for this wiki. Please be sure to follow these guidelines and any other new guidelines that will be posted.

    Here are a list of some other things that I can help setup:

    • Newsletter
    • Forums
    • Templates
    • Categories

    I will also help clean-up this wiki by adding stub tags to short pages.

    Hope to see you around.

    P.S.: I use chat, but I can't talk to people if no one is on. I'm in EDT, which is -4:00 UTC. …

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    Superhero Nation

    March 5, 2012 by ExtremeSSJ4

    Okay, so recently I created a wiki with a few users from other wikis known as Superhero Nation. The wiki is basically about any superhero you fanfiction allowed or anything related to DC Universe or Marvel Universe characters or stories. The wiki is about your own superhero and its own story, like our own you should go and check it out!

    Ps, you can only create two superheroes and villains 2 hero character pages and 2 villain ones, we are getting everything prepared so just 4 character pages for now.



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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    New Users Guide

    March 1, 2012 by ExtremeSSJ4

    Here is a guide to any user who is new to wikia or just doesn't know a lot about editing.

    Welcome my fellow editors! Whether you may be new to the editing experience, or just need a quick reminder, this guide has all the information you need. We do hope you find this guide useful, and that you may have the knowledge to make the most tidy pages!

    This is a more simple procedure. To add a page, you can go to the Contribute menu, and click Add a Page, or you can click Add a Page at the Wiki Activity page, OR, there's a little box in the first section on the main page that you can put the desired name of your page, and then click Create.

    Afterwards, a box shows up with some choices in it. You can choose any of the different layouts that best fit y…

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  • Rassilon of Old

    Community feedback

    February 29, 2012 by Rassilon of Old

    As you may have noticed, the has had a small theme change: a new background. Since our community has began to grow in the past week, I'd like to hear your opinions on the new theme, as well as any suggestions you have to alter it.

    Don't be afraid to say you don't like it, but if it isn't something you like, leave a reason why. :)

    I'd be very grateful if I could gather feedback on the following points;

    1. What do you think of the new background?
      1. What do you like about it?
      2. What don't you like about it?
      3. What would you like to be changed?
    2. What do you like about the current skin (colors, wordmark/logo, fonts, etc.) and what do you want to be changed?

    Just leave a comment below, and I'll be sure to answer all of your queries. :)

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  • KrspaceT

    Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Writer Director Plot
    19 Misplaced November 25, 2011 Greg Weisman
    While training with her telepathic powers, Miss Martian accidently swaps the minds of Superboy and Robin into the other
    20 Cold-Hearted December 2, 2011 Jon Weisman Victor Cook The Ice villians escape Bell Reeve and come for revenge
    21 Image December 9, 2011 Nicole Dubuc
    Lex Luthor starts a campaign to ruin Superman's image with Superboy's neglect
    22 Agendas December 16, 2011 Kevin Hopps
    The team finds rumors of The Light as said light reveals their plan
    23 Insecurity 2012 Peter David
    Artemis and Miss Martian swap their secrets during some alone time in between the two
    24 Performance 2012 Jon Weisman
    When a member of the team is injured, Batman g…

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