Blast is a genious and the twin brother of Wolf.

Blast 1
Vital Statistics
Real Name Bryce Garrett Covengton
Alias Blast
Species Human
Production Details
Voiced by JAYZICE
I really don't think you've got any excuse.



Blast is fun-loving, flirtaetous and a bit arrogant. He can sometimes be a bit immature. He is the complete opposite of his twin. He loves having a good time and always greets people with a smile, joke, or prank. He is very open with his emotions and will not hesitate to let someone know what he thinks about them. He loves messing with people and getting on their nerves.

Bryce is a genius having an I.Q. of 160. He loves to create and build things, even creating a suit of a wheelchair that changes into a suit of armor at the touch of a button.






Physical AppearanceEdit




Blast loves Arctica like a younger sister. He respects her and his brother's confusing relationship by not flirting with her, knowing that Kade really loves her. He doesn't like to see her hurt as he knows that hurts Wolf. He loves to tease the two of them about their relationships. He finds their arguments amusing and pretend to referee whenever they have one.

Genesis StamEdit

Genesis is Bryce's girlfriend. The two immediately hit off when they first met. Genesis is the only person that Bryce knows is smarter than him. She never lets him get away with anything and refuses to let him think or accept that he has any limitations. Bryce loves her dearly and is really sweet towards her. He likes to bounce ideas off of her and show her his new toys and gadgets. Bryce would do anything for her.

David CovengtonEdit

Blast and his dad don't have a very good relationship. Blast is angry with him and will leave the room if someone starts talking about him. David Covengton doesn't care and wants nothing to do with his son. He sees Blast as weak and useless and showers attention on Wolf


Dark BladeEdit






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