Blade is an original character in Young Justice: Masters. He is a member of the Team and a master swordsman among other weapons.

Vital Statistics
Real Name Trent Law
Species Human
Designation B26



Physical AppearanceEdit

Blade is 6 foot 2 and weighs approximately 160 pounds. He is a Caucasian American.


Early LifeEdit

Trent, born in 2005 in Gotham City, was raised in the same city by his parents, Mark Law, a scientist, and Phoebe Law, a school teacher. When he was only 7, his father was abducted by terrorists, who had him develop a super weapon, the Meta-Sword, a sword capable of turning into a bow, splitting into two, changing in size, and other unknown powers. He was taken to Bialya and after 2 years and countless attempts at creating the weapon, it was eventually successfully created. As if by coincidence, Batman and the Justice League arrived and rescued Mark, bringing him back to Gotham. 6 years later, Trent started using the sword to help Batman, Nightwing, and other members of the Justice League. A few months later, he was officially recognized as a partner of the Justice League.

Season 1Edit

Gotham City
February 6, 20:16 EDT

Blade was hiding behind the seats in the cabin of a delivery truck alongside of Cyborg and Beast Boy when the truck was captured by Deathstroke. They were able to steal the truck back but Deathstroke caused it to crash...

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Physical
    • Enhanced agility
  • Hand to hand combat
    • Martial Arts Master
  • Mental
    • Enhanced intelligence


  • Arrogant at times
  • Lacks true physical powers


  • Meta-Sword



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