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Blackpine is a group of high tech mercenaries led by meta humans, who act as deniable assets for the The highest bidder, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for money or other rewards. Blackpine is an intergalactic security contractor that relies on secrecy and obfuscation to shield its operations from public scrutiny. To the public, they do not exist. The idea is that no one would know to ask about them, and governments that employ them can deny using them. The group operates out of the pocket-dimensional corporate city known as Rift Incorporated.

Current "Super" Members(2016) Kaze (Leader), Cyra, Kloud , Karman, Jugger-Bot, Brisance, Inner Daemon, Blacktip, Solaran ,  VFX.
Ages(2016) Varied
Species Varied

Futuristic battle larger 1

Blackpine Mercs

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