Green Dragon man

Derek Shea is the half brother of Karman Shea. He is a Meta-human, and has spent years traveling the world and searching for his half sister. His only currently possible lead to finding his sister is with a highly skilled and elusive Meta-Thief called Inner Daemon. But so far no one can catch the master thief.

Alias Bheithir(Bathe-Here), Derek, D-man, Green Dragon
Age(2016) 17
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Derek is a Dragonshifter. He can transform into a half dragon or a full dragon. This means he possesses the ability to alter both his physical appearance and size to a considerable degree. It is assumed since his abilities are magical in nature that he gains his increased mass from a magical dimension. Derek can make himself transform to have his normal appearance of a 17 year old, but has demonstrated the ability to increase his overall height exponentially as he shifts. He has the abilities and attributes of a normal dragon. When he is a half dragon he has Super Strength (on par with superboy), Enhanced speed, senses, Durability and vision, Retractable claws, and Pyrokinesis. In spite his his high durabilty and resistance, it is possible to cause Derek injury in any form. If injured, his body's superior metabolism enables him to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues much faster and more extensively than a human being. It is possible for Derek's healing capabilities to regrow severed limbs, though it may take some time. In full dragon mode, He has all of that plus a prehensile tail, wings, fangs, Greatly enhanced pyrokinesis, although he is only able to use it through his mouth in full dragon form, Enhanced Size/Mass and Resiliance, Extremely tough dermal armor, and possesses vast superhuman strength, the full limits of which aren't known. At his peak, however, he is able to lift well in excess of 100 tons. It is currently unknown if Derek will possess enhanced longevity. He took the name Bheithir in respect to an Ancient and Powerful Celtic Dragon.

Bheithirs Full Dragon Form

Full Dragon Form

Another half dragon

Half Dragon Mode


Apart from a Lucky Charm his sister sent him as a birthday present, He has no need of equipment. Unknown to him, The Charm was charged with actual good luck by Luke, so it actually works.



Karman Shea is Derek's sister who vanished some time ago. Derek has been looking for her ever since. He is unaware that she is currently a mercenary in the employ of Blackpine International, and that her whereabouts are being expertly hidden. He has assembled several allies to help in his search for her, and two of his most loyal allies are Seraphim and Vex.

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