Beer santa comic 2

Ben Crue is a party animal. He likes to party, be lazy and all around have fun. Fun is his thing. He considers his abilities a blessing and a curse. He is not a hero or a villain. He is known as Beer Santa.

Alias Ben, Beer Santa
Ages(2016) 22
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ben is trapped in the body and mind of a 22 year old. He is effectively immortal, and as such he cannot die. If he is killed he will be ressurected, although the time it takes him to ressurect is debatable. It could be minutes, days, or weeks. He likes to be mostly incognito most of the time. He always will be in shape and have the strength of a normal man, no matter what he eats or drinks. He also has several other abilites such as Omnilingualism, Alcohol Empowerment, and Alcohol Manipulation. He is also able to withstand an insane amount of liqour. As a side effect of his powers allow him to induce or reduce the feeling of being drunk within any organic being by thinking about it. This is just most of the year. Near the time of Christmas, He automatically beings to age and a grow white/grey facial har, and even a small drop of alcohol enhances him and his abilities considerably.  Such powers he gains from alcohol near Christmas include Invulnerability, Flight, Super Strength and more. On the Night and Day of Christmas he is effectively Invincible. However this all has a downside. The closer Christmas comes, the more Ben is compelled to create/buy and give away alcohol for free to anyone of age. These powers fade as Christmas leaves and about a week after the holiday, they fade completely, leaving him with his normal abilites.

Santa Beer comic 3

Ben on Christmas Eve


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