Adrian Agni isssss an angry and rash young man. He was bullied a lot as a kid, but fought back when he developed his powers, sadly burning his school to the ground and scarring the bullies for life. Disgusted and terrified, his parents threw him on the street, and ever since then, Adrian has been a Nomad (and helped form the MNS). He has had several travelling companions over the years. However, he remains neutral, as he has fought villains before but will gladly fight a hero if they get in the way.

Alias Adrian, Adranus, Temper
Age (2016) 19


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Apart from Enhanced Strength, Adrian has the ability to control, manipulate, and produce fire. He has such control that he is even able to fly for a limited time using his power. His legs and arms become fiery and resemble a Phoenix's wings. But by far his strongest use of his power is when he surrounds his hands with enough localized fire to create variation of a miniature supernova around his fists. During the usage of this part of his ability, his fists within the fire become a fusion of molten and energy. These empowered fists can smash into their target with immense superhuman hardness and impact (not to mention immensely lethal heat), while his hands become impervious to pain and injury. However, the feat of summoning the power required leaves Adrian very physically and mentally drained. As such he only uses this part of his abilities as a last resort. Adrian has also spent a good amount of his time training in martial arts with his travelling companions (martial arts experts) and as a result, is very skilled in the usage of Leopard style kung fu.
Adranus Fire Fist one

Adranus Supernova Punch


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