The League returned from Rann, after clearing their names. The war was on. Aqualad/Kiduur and Artemis/Tigress rejoned the team to defeat the Light and The Reach, along with Black Beetle.

The war was won, by the league and the team, as only Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, and Ra'h Ah Ghul survived, but it costed lives on the otherside as well. Luthor exposed Superman to the gold krytonite, and Vandal Savage took advantage of Superman permantly loosing his powers. Superboy was only hurt, it didn't really affect him, since's he only half Kryptonian. Batman tied up Queen Bee and completely dissappeared. Wonder Woman grabbed Klarion, while Zatanna cast of spell sealing both of them away in another dimension. Nightwing, although nearly getting killed, hacked into the Brain to disable his robotic body. Queen Bee made her powers count by getting Nightwing to untie her. She kicked him in his stomach, then Doctor Fate threw her in the air and destroyed her. Lex Luthor escaped, while Vandal Savage used his brute strength to snap Blue Beetle's neck. He then somehow managed to grab Impulse and locked him in a headlock, which he almost suffocated to death from, until Wonder Girl kicked him in his back, permantly breaking it. Ra'h al Ghul grabbed Savage and left. Black Manta was betraded by the light for allowing his son to betray them and was killed days earlier by a bomb set off by Ra'h Al Ghul, that also killed Robin. 

With no clues on the whereabouts of Batman, Nightwing promoted his team to the new Justice League, with himself as leader. 

Kid Flash, along with Red Arrow, and Arsenal has decided to rejoin the Team/League.

The New Justice LeagueEdit

  • Nightwing (leader) (currently rejuavenating)
  • Aqualad (co-leader)
  • Icon (survived)

Captain Atom (survived)

Doctor Fate (survived)

Batman (missing)


Wonder Girl

Impulse (currently rejuavenating)

Flash (missing)


Kid Flash (high rank)

Red Arrow


Green Arrow (missing)

Martian Manhunter (missing)

Megan/Miss M


Superboy (currently rejuavenating)

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